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Z's Profile

Name: Zaira "Z"
Type: Minifee Dark Elf Soo
Eyes: Enchanted Doll 16mm #33 urethane
Wig: modded Cancan Jseries rs59a in black lilac
Faceup: by Irrimiri
Arrived: August 30th, 2008 & January 27th, 2013
Age: 27
Likes: mischief, dancing, lollipops, caffiene, starlight, Mitch
Dislikes: humans, half humans, anyone that isn't gwyllion (except for Mitch)
Family: 87 sisters, Callum - brother
Story: Z is a gwyllion, a shapeshifting mischievous spirit who hates humans (except for her Mitch) and whose name is never spoken aloud. If you find out her name and speak it aloud she is forced to spend a year acting as a slave in your home and it's for this reason (and the aforementioned hate of humans) that she has spent most of her life in her alternate realm. It isn't until she finds a spot in the woods where her realm and the human realm collide that she accidentally wanders into the world we know. It's there that she meets Michelle (Mitch) and realizes she's left her homeland and entered the world dominated by humans. She quickly returns the way she came but Mitch is intrigued by Z (and Z by Mitch) and they find themselves constantly returning to the spot they first met in the woods.
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