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Trouble From The Start ~ 4.03.07

Mindy: So Shar, you want to introduce yourself?
Shahari: Definitely...

Shahari: Hey y'all, I'm Shahari.

Mindy: Wait what? That's it?

Shahari: Yup... that's it.
Mindy: But... why?

Inanna: *snorts* because she's not creative enough to come up with anything more than her name. That's why.
Mindy: I don't recall asking YOU. Where did you come from anyway? o_O

Inanna: I'm always around, always watching.
Mindy: creepy.

Shahari: agreed
Mindy: You came back! ^_^

Shahari: I did.
Mindy: What made you change your mind?
Shahari: I can't have that one stealing my spotlight.

Inanna: excuse me?
Shahari: you're excused
Inanna: I'm what?... I don't like you.

Shahari: As I was saying... I'm Shahari, but y'all can call me Shar if you'd like.
Inanna: They don't want to.

Inanna: They would all much rather see me.

Shahari: Afraid I don't agree

Inanna: Afraid I don't care.
Mindy: T_T

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