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Shahari's Profile

Name: Shahari (Shar) Glass
Type: Kid Delf Dreaming Cherry girl
Eyes: Luts 16mm Pale Blue Glass
Wig: Leeke LR020 in Eve Cream
Faceup: by Quilibet on Den of Angels
Arrived: April 3rd, 2007
Age: 14
Likes: layers upon layers, color pink, her stuffed bear Brer, her boytoy Sidon
Dislikes: being told what to do, carrots, sleeping
Family: Siduri - older sister, Ea - older brother, Ezra - twin brother, Cailean - little sister, Carter - little brother
Story: A runaway from a large family with an abusive mother and a work obsessed father, as soon as her older brother Ea left home, Shar was soon to follow. She currently lives with her little boyfriend Sidon and his family who were kind enough to take her in when they found her sleeping in a Walmart.
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