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Rahna's Profile

Name: Rahna Kent
Type: Custom House Ceebee
Eyes: 18mm Souldoll Premium Acrylic Eyes (P 109)
Wig: JPop Shuya in Black
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived: March 8th, 2011
Age: 19
Likes: dancing, going to the movies, art shows, Nevan
Dislikes: the relationship between Niamh and Nevan, clingy people, spring
Family: none
Story: Rahna is a part of a very complicated love triange. She started dating Nevan while the two were in middle school and very quickly became very attached. Rahna is an aspiring contemporary dancer in love with Nevan, her boyfriend who has an unusual attachment to his twin sister, Niamh. Understandably, Rahna has a hard time understanding or accepting the relationship Niamh and Nevan have with each other and uses her dancing as a way to vent her emotions, good and bad.
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