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Rae's Profile

Name: Rae Chevalier
Type: Delf Lishe
Eyes: Luts 18mm Gray Glass
Wig: Cancan r13a brown with ivory highlights
Faceup: by Ladious
Arrived: April 3rd, 2009
Age: 20
Likes: storytelling, her new life with Inanna and Draven, puppies
Dislikes: her past, unkind rich men (and women), arguements
Family: Lenore - Mom, Hadley - Cousin, Taryn - Step Sister, Andrew - Step Father
Story: She was apprenticed at a young age to be trained in the ways of the companions; a group of women whom are paid to cater to the whims and desires of wealthy business folk. For a long time her life was simply being exactly what her clients wanted her to be and now that she's gone from that life and living with Inanna, she's still learning who she really is. Rae is in love with Draven, who is in love with Inanna.
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