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The Perfect Gift ~ 5.31.06

Inanna was having an icky day, until she recieved some presents from Nike and her Amon.

Inanna: *sigh*
Mindy: what's with the sad sigh dear?
Inanna: um bored, you've neglected me all day
Mindy: erm, well, sorry... anyways, you got some mail

Inanna: really? from?
Mindy: Amon *grins* but if you aren't in the mood...
Inanna: give now!

Inanna: *staring at package*
Mindy: uh... you gonna open it?

Mindy: so... so?
Inanna: hey Mindy...
Mindy: what?
Inanna: don't you have an elsewhere to be?

Mindy: ooh look at the cute envelope!
Inanna: you're really still here aren't you *sigh*
Mindy: well my dear, if you look it at the envelope it says my name too, I have just as much right to be here as you do
Inanna: *mutters to herself*
Mindy: *glare*

Mindy: cute sticker!
Inanna: *ignores*

Inanna: there's two notes?
Mindy: maybe one's for me *snags the larger*
Inanna: and if it isn't?
Mindy: erm... too bad?

Inanna: *blushing*
Mindy: *peeks over shoulder* awwww
Inanna: arg! Go away already!

Mindy: oh cute box too!
Inanna: I'm back to ignoring you now...

Mindy: *squeeks*
Inanna: I know cute confetti... I got it

Mindy: so? what is there?
Inanna: a bunch of stuff
Mindy: well show me already!

Inanna: clippies
Mindy: oh good! Maybe we'll actually be able to see your other eye for a change
Inanna: *grumbles* if you wake up tommorow maybe

Inanna: pretty earings!
Mindy: ooh! You know those look kinda big for you, maybe you should just... *reaches for earings*
Inanna: *slap* don't you dare...
Mindy: *rubbing hand* oww

Mindy: a belt, a snazzy belt
Inanna: Amon has one like this doesn't he?
Mindy: *nods* that's what the note says...
Inanna: *grinning* I like that

Mindy: hey what's that you've got?
Inanna: a pendant

Mindy: tease and flirt... he knows you well doesn't he
Inanna: mmm *nods* he does

Mindy: so... what's left?
Inanna: *whispers* his heart

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