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Niamh's Profile

Name: Niamh Echols
Type: Custom House Hyun girl
Eyes: 16mm green gray glass
Wig: Leeke LR-048_E Royal Gray / Slate Gray
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived:April 18th, 2011
Age: 18
Likes: reading, pop music, animals, Nevan
Dislikes: hurting people
Family: Nevan - twin brother
Story: Niamh has a very strong attachment to her twin brother Nevan. So strong in fact that it begins to negatively impact the relationship Nevan has with his girlfriend Rahna. When Niamh leaves in order to allow Nevan and Rahna to be together without her complicating things, she realizes that no matter how far away she goes, Nevan is always on her mind and she can't seem to live without him. When Niamh eventually returns, her relationship with her brother becomes even more complicated.
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