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Lennon's Profile

Name: Lennon (Lenn)
Type: Notdoll Ligaya Winter Eternity
Eyes: Cotin Doll 18mm pale purple with white line glass
Wig: JPopDolls Paris in Shimmer
Faceup: by SDink
Arrived: June 23rd, 2008
Age: 19
Likes: reading, taking long walks through the city
Dislikes: people always in a hurry, being alone, arguements
Family: she doesn't remember
Story: Lenn's family was massacred by a new age religious cult who chose a seemingly random family to sacrifice. Lennon was also killed in this massacre but after dying when her spirit should have ascended with the rest of her family Lenn's spirit was blocked from proceeding and unable to pass outside of the room where her family was killed. Unable to go anywhere else her spirit returned to her body. Days after the event Lennon awoke and found she couldn't remember much of anything past her own name. Her hair, eyes, and skin took on an unnatural pinkish tint, for reasons unknown, and she no longer ages.
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