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Inanna Gets "Lei'd" ~ 6.18.06

{Just a note before I begin... I wrote this after a crazy crazy crazy wedding reception with my possibly drunk cousin and my not so sane brother... can't say I'm all here either (I had to type this intro at least a dozen times before I got it right if that tells you anything)... (make that a bakers dozen)}

Inanna attended my cousin's wedding with me, and my family being as strange as it is there were... props to go along with the different songs that played at the reception. Inanna may have had a bit too much fun. She wandered off after having a few drinks, and I didn't see her again until the morning. This is what I found...

Mindy: what the....
Inanna: *foot twitches*

Inanna: umff

Mindy: Inanna... whoa! what?... why? huh?!

Inanna: *itch scratch itch*

Inanna: *rolls off hat*

Mindy: oooh crack!

Inanna: *shifts*
Mindy: uh, Inanna... Inanna...... wakey wakey time

Inanna: hnnnmm? *rubbing eyes*

Mindy: you need to um... yeah... wake up

Inanna: what do you want? I was having this dream about Amon and I ... *pauses* nevermind. What do you want?
Mindy: your uh... booty is showing

Inanna: ... my what?
Mindy: *points*

Inanna: *looks down* aww darn

Inanna: *pulls panties up*

Mindy: so Inanna, what exactly did... you do?
Inanna: what did I... *flashes back*

*cue background music*

What's The Time?
Well It's Gotta Be Close To Midnight
My Body's Talking To Me

It Says, 'Time For Danger'
It Says 'I Wanna Commit A Crime

Wanna Be The Cause Of A Fight

Wanna Put On A Tight Skirt And Flirt
With A Stranger'

I've Had A Knack From Way Back
At Breaking The Rules Once I Learn The Games

Get Up - Life's Too Quick

I Know Someplace Sick
Where This Chick'll Dance In The Flames

We Don't Need Any Money
I Always Get In For Free
You Can Get In Too
If You Get In With Me

Let's Go Out Tonight
I Have To Go Out Tonight

You Wanna Play?

Let's Run Away
We Won't Be Back
Before It's Christmas Day

Take Me Out Tonight (Meow)

When I Get A Wink From The Doorman
Do You Know How Lucky You'll Be?
That You're On Line With The Feline Of
Avenue B

Let's Go Out Tonight
I Have To Go Out Tonight
You Wanna Prowl
Be My Night Owl?
Well Take My Hand We're Gonna Howl
Out Tonight

In The Evening I've Got To Roam
Can't Sleep At In The City Of Neon And Chrome
Feels Too Damn Much Like Home
When The Spanish Babies Cry
So Let's Find A Bar
So Dark We Forget Who We Are
And All The Scars From The
Nevers And Maybes Die

Let's Go Out Tonight
Have To Go Out Tonight
You're Sweet
Wanna Hit The Street?
Wanna Wail At The Moon Like A Cat In Heat?
Just Take Me Out Tonight

*music fade out*
Please Take Me Out Tonight
Don't Forsake Me - Out Tonight
I'll Let You Make Me - Out Tonight
Tonight - Tonight - Tonight

*back in the now*

Inanna: ah... nothing ... heh


Inanna: if you ever bring this up again.... *insert light saber sound effects here*

~THE {rear} END~

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