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Inanna's Profile

Name: Inanna
Type: Delf Soony
Eyes: Luts 20mm Green Glass
Wig: Luts DW-78 in Wine
Faceup: by SDink
Arrived: April 22nd, 2006
Age: 18
Likes: Being in charge, irish step dancing, fashion, and being a tease
Dislikes: being told shes wrong, too much pink, slackers
Family: Zera - older sister, Reshki - younger sister, Aubrey - sort of a temporary adopted little sister/daughter
Story: She's a sassy orphan who never knew her parents and is on a constant quest to find anything about them she can sacrificing friendships in the process. She's hard to get close to but once you are she's likely to stay by your side forever... as long as you don't try to tell her she's wrong about something or that her time spent on her search for her parents is pointless. If you do that you're instantly on her black list.
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