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Huitzi's Profile

Name: Huitzilopochtlia (Huitz / Huitzi) Brennan
Type: Minifee Juri '08
Eyes: Ginarolo 14mm Style 400 Green with Amber Ring
Wig: Dollmore Panta Middle Cut Wig (Blond+Black)
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived: June 17th, 2010
Age: 17
Likes: running, jumping, yelling, boys, her BFF Alexz, antiques
Dislikes: The stupidity of teens her age who can't get past stereotypes to see what people are really like.
Family: Alicia - Mom, Ryan - Dad
Story: Huitz grew up traveling around South America with her missionary parents who were always very into the culture of the places they were currently living in, which is why, having been born in Mexico, she has an Aztec name. The family just recently moved to Canada though and she's now going to a normal high school for the first time and it's there she meets Alexz. Being new to the school, and the high school scene as a whole, Huitz befriends Alexz, the most unusual and gossiped about girl in school.
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