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Harper's Profile

Name: Harper Chevalier
Type: Custom House Petite Ai Hanael
Eyes: Ndoll HGC Glass Eyes 14mm - (D24) Pink
Wig: Leeke LR-002_D in Baby Brown modded
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived: February 18th, 2011
Age: 3
Likes: snuggling, puppies, Fade
Dislikes: trouble, people who take advantage of others, cheese
Family: Lenore - Step Mother, Hadley - Step Cousin, Rae - Step Sister, Andrew - Father
Story: Harper is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who didn't always dedicate the time he should have to his daughter and family. After her parents divorce and the second marriage of her father, Harper joins the family of Rae and Hadley.
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