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Hadley's Profile

Name: Hadley Chevalier
Type: Feeple Rona on Delf body
Eyes: Ginarolo Style 24 Lake 16mm
Wig: Luts DW-12 in Brown
Faceup: by Fairyland
Arrived: October 20th, 2009
Age: 17
Likes: boys, fashion, music, shopping, hanging out with her cousin Rae
Dislikes: Draven, growing up, starting over
Family: Rae - Cousin, Lenore - Aunt, Taryn - Step Cousin, Andrew - Step Uncle
Story: Hadley is the daughter of a wealthy French couple who died in a car accident when Hadley was just a toddler. Hadley then was taken in by her Aunt, Rae's mother, who after feeling guilty about sending Rae off to the companion training school raised Hadley as if she was her own daughter, giving her everything she ever wanted spoiling her just a bit in the process. Hadley had the perfect life with wealthy friends who were just as spoiled as her until one day her Aunt got remarried and in the process, brought into the house not only a new uncle, but a new cousin as well. Hadley felt ignored and frustrated and one day tried to "escape". She met Fade, a troubled homeless boy who lived on hand outs from restaurants in town, who showed her how to live on the streets. Hadley realized how good she had it and regretted throwing the fit she did when she ran out on her Aunt. Feeling too guilty to return however she moved to the USA to stay with Rae.
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