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Modern Major General ~ 7.27.06

Inanna: *singing* if youuuuu will cast your eyes on me...

Inanna: however plain you'll be I'll looooove you

Inanna: I'll loooooooove you

Inanna: I'll looove, I'll loooooooooove you

Inanna: *sigh*

Inanna: ugh, Mabel, slut
Mindy: *snorts*

Inanna: what the? Mindy!
Mindy: *giggling* hmm?

Inanna: what exactly is it that you think you're doing?
Mindy: Watching Pirates of Penzance, same as you *smirk* but I must say, you play a very good Frederic

Inanna: *glaring*
Mindy: ahaha, sorry sorry

Inanna: it's okay
Mindy: ^_^

Inanna: I hope you die.

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