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Fade's Profile

Name: Fade
Type: Feeple Nanuri'08 on Delf body
Eyes: Style 24 Light Grass 16mm medium iris
Wig: Luts DW-264 in Mix Cream with modifications
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived: February 17th, 2010
Age: 19
Likes: Hadley, pizza, free food, the city
Dislikes: developments, "richies"
Family: none
Story: Fade is a boy from the streets. He's an artist and rebel who does whatever he feels like whenever he feels like it. He's been referred to as a bit of a player since these whims of his have included a great number of girls just as troubled as he is. It isn't until he meets Hadley, that he ever even considers that there may be one perfect girl from him. After she moves to the United States Fade follows her, determined to not lose track of this girl that made him feel something more than boredom with the surroundings he'd become accustomed to.
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