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Epiphany's Profile

Name: Epiphany
Type: Minisup Yisol
Eyes: Dark Poppy 12mm Glass from Safrin Doll
Wig: Leeke LR-007 in Goldenrod
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived: April 2nd, 2010
Age: 16 / old as time
Likes: Old myths and legends, all shades of purple and green, nature, listening to others talk, reinventing herself
Dislikes: Power hungry people, fighting, pollution, cars, trains, planes
Family: constantly changing
Story: Epiphany is the human embodiment of the goddess Ki. Ki/Epiphany is the earth goddess and people have it seems almost forgotten she ever existed. In order to escape the battles and drama frequent between gods Ki decided the best way to get away was to forgo her powers and be born into a human body. The one drawback of this however is that humans live only so long so she has to keep being reborn and starting her life over in the homes of new families, new cultures, new generations with no one knowing who she truly is.
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