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Draven's Profile

Name: Draven Thompson
Type: Musedoll Re-Che
Eyes: Ginarolo Style 24 Black 16mm
Wig: Soom MA025 [1B] (not pictured here)
Faceup: by SDink
Arrived: July 1st, 2009
Age: 20
Likes: Inanna, his guitar, poetry (he's a total emo boy through and through)
Dislikes: the world and almost everything in it
Family: Aubrey - Daughter
Story: Draven is a whiney, emo, wanna be musician who shattered the heart of the girl of his dreams on her sixteenth birthday and is now determined to win her back... without actually trying. His stubborn personality leads him to do anything and everything he knows will upset and irritate Inanna instead of just coming out and apologizing and telling her how he really feels. Among these things he does to aggravate Inanna is string along Inanna's best friend, Rae. Before returning to Inanna's life after several years of not seeing each other Draven was a frequent visitor of the seedier side of life and during this time somehow managed to get a hooker pregnant and now is the father of a 3 year old little girl with just as much attitude as her father.
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