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Sweet Dreams ~ 6.02.06

Mindy: ...7, 8, 9, 10.... uh... hmm

Mindy: hey Inanna have you seen H-oh holy Jupiter

Inanna: have I seen what now?
Mindy: uh, what are you doing with Hollywood? I know you're not really taking her boa

Inanna: I am actually. I took her necklace too, it makes a good bracelet
Mindy: no Inanna no

Inanna: I don't see the big deal, all she does is stand up on that shelf all the time. What good does any of it do her really anyways?
Mindy: oh Inanna, you can't just take everything you want simply because you like it! Especially from the living dead!

Inanna: it's worked for me so far
Mindy: just be careful, Hollywood isn't someone I would want to mess with
Inanna: I'm really not worried

~Later That Night~

Inanna: zzzzz

Inanna: zzzzZZzzz
Hollywood: *creep creep*

Inanna: *shift*
Hollywood: ungh...

Inanna: mmm?
Hollywood: gnghh

Inanna: huh?
Hollywood: gnnnnnrrrr!

Inanna: ugh, get off!

Inanna: *shoves*

Inanna: *sigh*...... zzzz

Hollywood: ungh...

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