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Cookies Fortune ~ 5.09.06

Inanna: Can I help you?
Mindy: I've got something for you

Inanna: ooh presents? gimme!

Inanna: That's it? It's broken
Mindy: Yeah, sorry, it got broken in transit

Inanna: right... you're gifts suck
Mindy: excuse me, I didn't have to save it for you ya know

Inanna: Then why did you?
Mindy: I thought you might like it!
Inanna: right, because I've always enjoyed smashed fortune cookies

Inanna: ...

Mindy: What's it say?
Inanna: none of your business
Mindy: I saved the cookie for you, least you can do is tell me what it says

Inanna: thank you...
Mindy: least you could do is say tha... wait... what?
Inanna: I like this one

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