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Choara's Profile

Name: Choara
Type: Minifee Shushu Mod
Eyes: Ginarolo Designer 400 Sea Foam 14mm medium iris
Wig: Leeke LR-041_M in Eve Cream size 7-8
Faceup: by unknown
Mods: eye opening + by unknown
Arrived: January 5th, 2013
Age: 16
Likes: quiet, her bedroom
Dislikes: being teased, her shyness
Family: Haze - sister (deceased)
Story: When she was little, Choara and her twin sister Haze were as close as two little girls could ever be. So close in fact that the blind Haze had found a way to see. She could see through her sisters eyes. On the eve of the 5th birthday of the two girls the girls were on their way to visit their grandmother with their parents when their car spun off the road. The accident was horrible, killing both the girls parents and Haze, leaving Choara practically alone. Custody of the little girl went to their Grandmother, who being unable to properly care for her sent her off to boarding school. Choara has grown up at the school and secretly sees, speaks to, and sometimes even plays games with her dead twin who seems to have mysteriously aged with her despite dying so young.

Being the girl who appears to frequently be talking to herself doesn't make it easy for Choara to make friends. Even at a school full of students who are "different" Choara still manages to be the outcast. Being painfully shy certainly doesn't help.
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