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My Chair, Mine! ~ 5.05.06

Inanna: What the fritter... MINDY!

Mindy: hmm?
Inanna: There's some kind of nasty animal on my seat.

Inanna: Look, right there, that's my seat, why is THAT on it?

Inanna: What're you lookin at skank?!
Mindy: Inanna!
Inanna: Hey! It's in my chair, it deserves what it gets!

Inanna: Yeah, that's right... be afraid, be very afraid

Mindy: A bit over-dramatic aren't we?
Inanna: How am I supposed to react, it's in my chair. My chair! Mine! I get up for one minute and come back to this... this beast! What do you expect me to do? Bake it a cake? no...

Mindy: It's an option

Inanna: ..... bite me
Mindy: Sorry honey, you're not my type
Inanna: *mumble* if I had a fork..
Mindy: *blink*
Inanna: Forget it, just get that thing off my chair!

Mindy: But he's cute
Inanna: and you're insane

Inanna: Alright buddy, for your sake, I hope giraffes can fly

Inanna: and all is right with the world again.


Inanna: it looks better on me anyways
Geoffrey: Nakey time!

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