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Aubrey's Profile

Name: Aubrey Jessup
Type: Volks YOSD Kun (formerly Soom Teenie Gem Glot)
Eyes: Ginarolo Style 400 14mm Melon
Wig: Monique Gold Faith in Carrott
Faceup: soon
Arrived: August 3rd, 2011 / July 19th, 2009
Age: 3
Likes: running, hopping, anything soft and squishy, singing with Inanna, watching Draven hurt himself
Dislikes: moving around a lot, not knowing for sure who her family is other than Inanna, sleeping, loud noises (unless she's making them!), cartoonst
Family: Draven - Father, Davi - Mother, Inanna - Caretaker
Story: Aubrey is the daughter of a jobless, homeless, and incredibly whiney musician and a "lady of the night". Within a month of her birth Aubrey was passed from her mother, to her father, who, despite his best attempts can't seem to find a place away from his side for her. Aubrey is now mostly raised by Inanna who took over the job of both mother and father for the little girl.
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