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Alexz's Profile

Name: Alexzis (Alexz) Fitzroy
Type: Minifee Woosoo Vampire Elf
Eyes: Souldoll 14mm P29 premium acrylic
Wig: Monique Faith in Brownblack / Blonde Size 7/8
Faceup: by Angel Toast
Arrived: August 30th, 2008
Age: 16
Likes: Pizza (cheese and pineapple), Makeup, High School, Spending time with her mom
Dislikes: being feared, not knowing her dad, being "different"
Family: Vicki - Mom, Henry - Dad
Story: Alexzis is my first doll based on a fan-character of mine. She is the daughter of PI Vicki Nelson and vampire Henry Fitzroy both of which are from the Vicki Nelson / Blood Ties book and television series. She's a human in most every aspect except that most of her senses are a bit more intense than those of the normal human. She doesn't drink blook more than two or three times a year and even then it's always donated. She goes to high school and tries her best just to be a normal girl and hopes that no one notices her differences.
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